Healthy is the new happy!

GoHealth Slovakia
3 min readJul 16, 2020


Most companies live by one mantra — happy employees are productive employees. That is indisputable, but to what extent?

At GoHealth, we’ve taken a different approach — healthy employees are the happy ones. So our goal is to take care of both the physical and mental wellbeing of our team members, which is why our company benefits are mostly (but not only, of course) focused on the wellbeing of the employees. Do you know about GoHealth’s employee benefits?

One of our benefits includes above-standard health care in the chain of one of the best-equipped medical centers in Slovakia, which is fully covered by the company. We all know how exhausting, time consuming, and expensive doctor’s appointments can be, so we took care of that for you.

We also provide our team with several advantages for physical fitness, since, as we all know, exercising is key to a healthy body and mind. One such advantage is a discounted gym membership at Multisport or Golem! We also prioritize physical fitness in the office by enjoying sports as a team. We have booked a badminton hall, taken yoga classes from an in-house certified instructor, and offered in-house massages — which are undoubtedly an incredible relief after sitting at a desk all day.

Our office space is fully equipped with ergonomic chairs, standing desks, and seating bags to rest your spine for a little bit. We recently introduced a mini gym into our office that features wall bars, racks, fit balls and mats — everything you need to relax, release the tension and take a healthy break in the day. And if you fancy a minute for yourself only, we have quiet rooms…

Our working hours are flexible, so you don’t need to worry about missed errands, appointments, or deadlines. In fact, you can grab our e-scooter and make the errands go by even more quickly!

Speaking about running, did we mention we have our own running team? We sponsor runs and competitions the team attends and ourteam even has its own T-shirts. Awesome, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget that your brain needs power, too. Getting energy is easy as it gets in our office. We have fresh fruits, smoothies, healthy snacks and, of course, coffee to help you get through the day.

We combine passion for work with passion for healthy life! If you’re in, join #TeamGoHealth by applying for one of our awesome job openings!

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