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For nearly a decade, Creatix built technology for early stage companies and scaled engineering horsepower for high-growth companies across the United States and Slovakia. The Team was born from cousins, one in Slovakia and the other in Chicago, united on a vision of building a company with the best talent but also, where above all, our people and culture mattered the most. This vision scaled quickly to meet the demands of our Clients in FinTech, Healthcare and eCommerce. The tremendous efforts of the Team over the years was realized when we began our work with GoHealth that, over a 4…

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All relationships, whether romantic or workplace, are based on trust, reliance, support, and pursuit of mutual growth. At GoHealth, this is exactly how we approach every employment relationship. Thanks to your dedication, will, and effort, our company is moving forward and growing — and we want you to grow too.

We care about your career growth and are committed to investing in you. We encourage you to be vocal and develop a powerful voice in topics relevant to engineering, software development, infrastructure, and software operations. Thanks to our open door policy, your voice is always heard — you can choose…

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Even though times are tough and the current situation is unprecedented, our business is growing and remains strong in this economic downturn. It‘s understandable for anyone to be worried about the job market or starting work at a new company these days, but at GoHealth, you need not to worry. GoHealth‘s business remained secure during this pandemic.

GoHealth specializes in providing health insurance for millions of Americans. People still need insurance, and the pandemic has only made people more aware of how important it is to be healthy and safe. Now, many of those with poor insurance or none at…

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Most companies live by one mantra — happy employees are productive employees. That is indisputable, but to what extent?

At GoHealth, we’ve taken a different approach — healthy employees are the happy ones. So our goal is to take care of both the physical and mental wellbeing of our team members, which is why our company benefits are mostly (but not only, of course) focused on the wellbeing of the employees. Do you know about GoHealth’s employee benefits?

One of our benefits includes above-standard health care in the chain of one of the best-equipped medical centers in Slovakia, which is…

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‘Being socially isolated is as bad for your health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.’
- American Psychological Association

Let’s be honest — for the past few weeks we’ve all been struggling. Quarantine, lockdowns, social isolation and remote work have taken their toll on us. You may have read quite a few articles about how to set up a perfect working space, how to adjust your daily routine and even how to overcome it when members of your lovely family get on your nerves from time to time. However, there’s a grey zone people are not talking about that much…

At its best, going to work every day transcends simply performing job duties. It’s about making a meaningful impact on our world — and believing that what you do makes a difference.

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, the first step for businesses is understanding that your higher purpose goes beyond your stock price or shareholder returns. Instead, it’s reflected in the ability to equip your people with a sense of meaning and the tools to make it a reality. Simply put, work isn’t simply contractual. It’s emotional, too, and it demands authenticity.

For businesses that successfully uncover…

Slovakia is rapidly establishing itself in the global tech scene, with a growing number of startups bringing in millions of dollars in funding. But in the wake of GoHealth’s blockbuster acquisition, could those millions start turning into billions for more Slovakian tech firms?

In 2018, Slovakia’s economic output totaled over USD$106 billion, with much of that figure coming from small and mid-sized businesses. Inc. Magazine ranked Slovakian capital Bratislava as one of the top three cities with the “fastest-growing private companies” in Europe, behind Stockholm and London. Notable startup deals include autonomous vehicle startup Blue Vision, which received a whopping…

Millennials are well on their way to overwhelming the global workforce, making up an estimated 75% of it by 2025. And what does this new generation of workers want? A company that really cares about them.

According to a 2017 survey, 80% of millennials said they want a company culture that emphasizes personal growth. At Creatix, we understand that a strong company culture is one of the single biggest deciding factors for today’s job seekers. We’ve prioritized company culture since we opened our doors — not just because it helps us attract top talent, but because it’s part of who…

Free catered meals, fitness memberships and yoga classes, flexible vacation time, coffee bars and beer bashes, life coaching. These are just a few of the perks tech companies are offering as a way to attract top talent to their ranks. Still, despite the dizzying array of swag designed to turn their heads, most professionals remain focused on growth opportunities as a top priority when accepting a job. That’s particularly true for students and recent college graduates considering that all-important first job… and where it can take them.

That was the case for Zuzana Bukovinová, a project manager at Creatix in…

With developers in high demand, they can choose where they go –and if they stay. Not only does software development head U.S. News’ list of Top 100 Jobs, but reports that by 2020, Europe will also have a shortage of 500,000 developers.

So what does it take to keep them satisfied with the same job? Career growth, such as training and leadership opportunities, is a big draw for job hunters. It ranks second in top considerations below compensation. Other factors include workplace engagement, work-life balance and perks.

At Creatix, our success is reflected in the tenure of our team…

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Leading U.S. healthtech provider now located also in Slovakia. Modern technology, functionality and exciting projects are what motivate us.

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