11 tips on how to ace your tech interview

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It’s safe to say that looking for a new job and applying for different roles might be an overwhelming situation. Not knowing what to expect from the interviewing process is stressful, at least. Hiring processes of course differ from company to company, nevertheless, we’ve gathered first-hand information that might help you navigate through your technical interviews.

What does a tech interview look like at GoHealth Slovakia? If you want to get a brief idea of what an interview usually looks like in a technology company, you can expect these steps (more or less — every interview process depends on a specific role and its seniority):

  • Initial phone screen — performed by HR/Recruiting — initial check to cover the absolute basics to confirm that this person is indeed interested in the role and they are what they say they are online or in a resume, main focus areas are to explain the company and the role, motivation, expectations, experience, and tech stack.
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We’ve set up a concise list of Dos and Don’ts for your technical interview to gather inspiration from. We don’t dare to guarantee your success based purely on these steps, but we dare to say you definitely will make a great first impression.


  • Test your setup — Be prepared for online interviews. Make sure your internet connection, camera, and microphone are working properly, keep your camera on and let the interviewers see you. This will make the interview more cozy and friendly.
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  • Showing you’re frustrated with your current/last job — Forget about the conflicts at your current/past workplace and start the interview with a positive attitude and a clean slate. When explaining the reason why you are leaving your job, try to avoid harassing your employer or spending too much time complaining.

To conclude — fingers crossed! We hope you’ll land your dream job as soon as possible.

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